14 November 2022
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The directors of Vincent Capital, Leo and Vincent, met whilst they were at university and where they set up their first business together selling mobiles to fellow students. This partnership, with a foundation in education, , has subsequently taken them around the world with different ventures within the IT and Property industries.

Vincent Capital believe that the successful future of New Zealand starts with children. We have chosen to focus on the education sector to give back to New Zealand and are pleased to announce a $900,000 + fund to support several charities over the coming 3 years.

Vincent Capital is committed to expanding our philanthropic fund as we grow our business. We look forward to helping support a great New Zealand future.

Talking Matters

Focusing on the first 1000 days of a child’s life, Talking Matters teach families the importance of developing communication skills so that their children can thrive as thinkers, talkers and readers in the future. Talking Matters partners with whānau, communities, practitioners, iwi and government to build and support language-rich environments for children.

A language-rich environment is vibrant and contains all the languages of a family, community or setting in spoken, written, cultural, gestural and artefactual form.

Manaiakalani Education Trust

Manaiakalani has become known throughout New Zealand for supporting schools in low socio-economic and challenged communities to achieve significant improvements in student outcomes, realising learners’ potential and enabling digital citizenship for tauira and their whanau.

Keystone Trust

To provide opportunities for tomorrows property leaders through funding tertiary education to young people who will benefit most. For over 20 years Keystone Trust has provided support for committed High School students from challenging circumstances to undertake property related tertiary study.

We would like to take the opportunity to also thank Bill Kermode of Next Foundation for his time and introductions that helped us get into this philanthropic space.